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A Basic Guide to Open Educational Resources (OER)

Copyright & open Educational Resources

ICT Skills


Top 15 social networking sites:

Benefits of Social Networking:

Dangers inherent in social networking:

Copyright, Plagiarism & Netiquettes:

Creating mind Maps:

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Nur University’s mission is to contribute to an educational process that facilitates individual and social transformation through the development of human capacities, fostering a dynamic coherence between intellectual, spiritual and physical aspects, for the establishment of a just, peaceful and harmonious society.

Nur displays a model worth replicating; being a learning-oriented educational institution, focusing on the development of moral leadership capabilities and the promotion of peace and unity, it genuinely responds to the needs of society through its academic programs and social integration by fostering a culture of research and rational use of appropriate technology.

FUNDAEC (Foundation for the Application and Teaching of the Sciences) was established in 1974 by a group of professors at the University of Valle in Colombia who were looking for new strategies to develop the capacities of people and to generate knowledge in isolated regions of the country.

FUNDAEC firmly believes that there is significant hidden potential within every individual, a potential which, if nurtured, may foster the spirit of service and contribute to the well-being of the whole community.