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Certificate Course in Value Education: Fundamentals [ C10 ]

ATTENTION: Principals, Teachers, Parents, NGO Personnel & Students:

This Course is For You!

Certificate Course in Value Education: Fundamentals

A Collaborative Programme of the Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University, Nasik and the Baha’i Academy, Panchgani

In Areas of-

Personal Development and Social Progress


The YCMOU in collaboration with the Baha’i Academy conducts programme in Universal Human Values. The certificate course being offered now is on Value Education: Fundamentals. Some of the salient features of this course are as follows.

  • The Course consists of 2 modules and a project. The modules are ‘Moral Capabilities: Fundamentals’, and ‘Beauty, Knowledge, Transition’ that consists of three parts: Attraction to Beauty, Thirst For Knowledge, The World in Transition.
  • Its content is universal in nature and approach, secular and dynamic.
  • The focus is on capability building and joyful learning
  • There are no lectures in this Course. Participatory, experiential and cooperative learning strategies are followed in this Course.
  • Some salient elements include individual and group work, discussions and presentations, critical and creative thinking, educational games, interactive theatre, service learning activities, writing and reporting.
  • Participants begin developing their soft skills, transforming their own personalities and taking initiative to promote social progress   

Practical activities:

Practical activities are very important elements of learning and empowerment. These are to be carried out in three contexts of one’s home, study centre (co-learners) and workplace or the community. Instructions are provided in the Course materials. 

Credit Points:

This certificate course is of a total of 12 credit points as per the following distribution:

                                2 Credit points for module 1

                                2 credit points for module 2

                                8 credit points for practicum.


The duration of this course is 12 months, which includes the course work, practical activities and service learning activities that should be completed by the end of the 11th month. The last month is for submission of the reports and assignments. 

Admission Requirements and Medium of Instruction:

The minimum requirement for admission is 12th standard passed. However, a higher qualification is more desirable. Teachers, professionals, NGO staff members, graduates, postgraduates, parents and students will find this course having close relevance to their daily work and challenges. The course is available in both Marathi and English.

Career Opportunities for Certificates Holders:

The graduates of the Certificate Course are valuable assets to colleges, schools, government departments, NGOs and private organizations that wish to make a difference to the people and communities they serve. These graduates develop personal skills, group skills, positive attitudes and noble qualities that generate an uplifting work environment. The course also helps them develop their personality and career. This programme bridges an important void in traditional education. It prepares the candidates for discovering and enhancing their talents and capacities hitherto undiscovered. It empowers them to become confident, talented and skillful change makers, with better visions and value-based practical approaches.

Transfer of Credits to Diploma/ Degree/P.G Courses:

Students who have passed Value Education Optional Paper of the B.Ed programme of YCMO University benefit credit transfer of the Value Education optional paper to this course. 

Contact Sessions:

The YCMOU will organize contact sessions during the course. There are a total of 11 days of contact sessions as per the following schedule:

At the start of the course:              4 days

During Diwali holidays:                   5 days

During the final month:                 2 days


The course has no final examination. Students submit relevant reports and assignments and appear a comprehensive viva voce at the end of the course.

The course is of a total of 600 marks are per the following distributions:

                                100 marks for module 1

                        100 marks for module 2

                        300 marks for the practicum

                        100 marks for the viva voce


For the first year the fees for this certificate course are Rs.2000/-. To facilitate the payments, students have the option to pay the fees in two installments. An additional fee of Rs. 50/- will be charged if the students will choose the option of payments in two installments. 

Study Centres

For the convenience of the students, all the B. Ed Centres of YCMOU will operate as the study centers of this certificate course. These study centers are located in the headquarters of each district.

How to Seek Admission

For admission please see advertisement in newspapers. For details please contact

           Director,  School of Education, Y. C. M. Open University, Nashik – 422 222, 

           Ph: (0253) 231714, 231715                                       

           Director, Baha’i Academy, Shivajinagar, Panchgani – 412 805, Dist. Satara,

           Ph: (02168) 240100, 241103,                                                                                       

Course Type : Offline
Duration : 2022-09-01   To    2024-08-30
Fee : Rs. 2702/-
To join contact