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The Bahá’í Academy is an educational institution with the mission to engage in research and action in the field of value education for institutions of higher learning.

Our Vision is to reach out to youth in India to develop their latent powers, capacities and build their moral capabilities based on universal human values in order to contribute to social progress and make a better world.

Since the year 2000 the Academy has been extensively working on and developing an innovative programme called “Education in Universal Human Values”. Its focus is fostering personal development of the youth who study in colleges and universities, building their moral capabilities and empowering them to contribute to social progress -- equality, justice, uprightness, unity in diversity, beauty, peace and human rights -- the themes of various courses and modules that are being offered by the Academy. The opportunity to develop such capabilities is otherwise unavailable to these youth. The Academy adheres to a culture of learning in its functioning and promotes the same to enable the youth to adapt to the changes of our time and make appropriate moral choices.

Through many years of research and experience, the Academy courses have been designed to build capacity of the youth to become change makers -- visionaries with practical feet and value-based approaches. The Bahá’í Academy has many valuable collaborators among reputed universities and institutions of higher learning in India and works, as well, with award winning international collaborators. The Academy is also a founding member of the Indian Consortium For Educational Transformation (I-Consent) and the Param Intervarsity, having their headquarters at MKCL, Pune. The Consortium offers innovative educational programmes, such as the e-B.Ed. programme that is offered in blended mode, in collaboration with a number of universities and agencies. The Param Intervarsity’s mission is to promote global quality of learning and high quality of local development in Maharashtra. The Academy’s international teams of advisors and resource persons include educationists of repute, social and natural scientists, academicians, and grassroots field workers.

Founded on 27 June 1982, the Academy Campus is situated at Shivaji Nagar, Panchgani, a peaceful hill resort of the Western Ghats or Sahyadri Mountain Range, about 4300 feet above mean sea level, 100 kilometers south of Pune, in the State of Maharashtra, India. Its ‘Permanent Seat’ overlooks a scenic valley and mountain range with farm land terraces, and is surrounded by trees and gardens that are favoured by visiting birds of different species, rabbits and deer. The Campus is not far from spots that are frequently visited by tourists – the Table Land, Parsi Point, Sidney Point, and a few kilometers away from Rajpure caves.

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