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An Introduction to Cooperative Learning and Cooperative Games [ C4 ]

Great achievements in human history take place through teamwork, where members of groups cooperate toward achieving high aims. So it is with cooperative learning.

Educators throughout the world are increasingly accepting that cooperative learning enables students, from kindergarten to university, to achieve greater heights of learning and good character compared to competitive learning and individual work. However cooperative learning is not learned in a few hours of theory with little or no practice. To be good at it takes time and effort.

Therefore, this course puts teachers on the path toward better results for students' academic, moral, and social development. In it theory and practice are united. Otherwise the course would not be effective. If Norgay and Hillary didn't know how to get to the top of the Everest and did not practice the ways to get to the summit, the result would have been nothing.

Some features of this course include:

v  Cooperation and Competition

v  What is Cooperative Learning

v  Why Should We Use Cooperative Learning

v  Some Cooperative Learning Procedures and Strategies

v  Some Aspects of Learning Together

v  The Structural Approach

v  Social Skills and Their Evaluation

v  Testing and Evaluation

v  Cooperative Games.

Participants learn and practice over twenty-five cooperative learning structures suitable for various situations and age groups.

 The course duration is 150 hours for contact sessions and a similar number of hours for field work.

 A 30-hour course "An introduction to Cooperative Learning" is also available (for a fee of Rs.1750/- ).

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 Awarding Certificates and Transcripts:

On completion of the modules and practical works, certificates and the transcripts are awarded to students jointly by the Bahá'í Academy and the collaborating institution.

Medium of Instruction:

The courses are available in both Marathi and English mediums. Preparation of the modules in Hindi is in process.


Teachers of all faculties, Education students of both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, from colleges and universities in India can join the programme.   

Course Type : Offline
Duration : To be announced
Fee : To be announced
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