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क्रियेटीव अवार्ड

Every quarter the Bahá’í Academy awards its students for their creative contributions to furthering the impact of its programme in developing the moral capabilities of the youth and promoting social progress. These creative contributions can be of various types. They include

  • Artistic contributions such as designing posters and banners, logos, monograms, songs, music, etc.;
  • Literary contributions such as research papers, articles, poems, etc.;
  • Creating common social wealth such as socially useful and productive work;
  • Community projects to address local issues, etc.;
  • Product designs such as badges, caps, T-Shirts, gifts, wrist bands, bags, folders, pens, key chains, cover designs, etc.
  • And Other types.

National Creativity Award for Jan-March 2015:

Creativity Type: Composing Song

Variations: Lyrics only (Category 1) OR Lyrics with tune (Category 2)

Songs should be related to the themes of the Modules:

  • Moral Capabilities,
  • Beauty Knowledge Transition
  • Basic Concepts: Education
  • True Happiness, Social harmony and Peace

Usefulness: To be used in the training workshops/ Service Learning Activities/publications/website related to Education in Universal Human Values

Language: Hindi , Marathi or English

Copyrights: Selected songs will be the copyright of the Baha'i Academy.

Most creative songs in each category will be awarded.


Category 1: Rs.1500/-

Category 2: Rs.2500/-