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Dear mentors of Education in Universal Human Values

It is a pleasure to start this “Mentoring” blog on for an initial testing period of 3 months. Here we can share with each other our learning as mentors. This blog is meant to inspire us all to rise to new levels of service.

You must have been receiving the digital monthly bulletin “Mentor’s Energizer” prepared by the Bahá’í Academy.  As you have noticed there are four questions that are answered each month by one of the mentors. They are:

  1. How has the experience of taking the training affected you?
  2. What are some of your positive experiences about being a mentor?
  3. What kind of transformations have you seen in your students?
  4. Do you have any advice for other mentors?

The purpose of this “Mentoring Blog” is not only to share your thoughts on these questions but to go beyond them. Your views on themes such as the following are most welcome:

  1. Your inspiring stories as mentors -- stories related to the contact sessions, practicals, Service Learning Activities or any other aspects of your study group
  2. The challenges you have faced in the past and the solutions you have worked out to overcome the challenges
  3. The challenges you may be facing now for which you need solutions
  4. Any questions you wish to ask or any interesting materials/links you like to share

We hope through your active participation this blog will prove to be of real help to all our dear mentors. To start interacting on this blog please post a line introducing yourself. If you can post your recent photograph too it will be just wonderful!

In an age consumed by self-interest, in which everything is weighed on the scales of reward and personal satisfaction, it is heartening to come upon high-minded individuals who are galvanized by the global vision of Universal Human Values and are ready to go an extra mile in laying the foundations of a better world. Your contribution to the transformation of society has not gone unnoticed and we all delight in hearing each other’s stories of improving attitudes amongst students, the openness and willingness of their extended family members to listen and try some improvement, and the cumulative changes occurring in the communities affected by the Service Learning Activities that students undertake.

As mentors, we come from diverse circumstances, yet we all share the same aim— the desire to bring about constructive change through developing the capacity for meaningful service.

Where so much of society invites passivity and apathy, a conspicuous contrast is offered by dear mentors, whose energies are being channeled towards a higher, united goal: that of cultivating and sustaining a new, enriching pattern of community life.


Lesan Azadi 

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