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Theme Colors

Connection with NAAC, NBA and TEQUIP Criteria

Programme of “Education in Universal Human Values”, relates to the accreditation and assessment set by the National Accreditation and Assessment Council (NAAC) in the following ways:

  1. It offers human value education courses (related to criterion #5: Student Support and Progression)
  2. It practices innovation in teaching/learning methodology through training teachers in cooperative Learning, experiential learning and service learning (related to criterion #2: Teacher-Learning and Evaluation)
  3. It involves extension activity from the college to society through implementing practical activities in the extended families of the program participants. These activities include promoting gender equality, promoting uprightness, promoting beauty, promoting harmony of science and spirituality, forming junior youth groups to discuss the aim of education, promoting peace and harmony. Moreover the students engage in Service Learning Activities that are community projects related to the needs of the local community and students developed moral capabilities. ( related criterion #3: Research, Consultancy and Extension)
  4. It provides institutional collaborations (related to criterion #5: Student Support and Progression)


As far as the following criteria for reaccreditation is concerned, Education in Universal Human Values relates to all the five:

  1. Relating to National Development: All the Service Learning Activities undertaken by the students focus on various development related themes.
  2. Fostering Global Competence Among Students: learning and practicing universal human values, learning and developing skills of global relevance, developing a new world view and global mindset, etc.
  3. Inculcating the Value System: The Programme of Education in Universal Human Values strengthens students’ inborn values and builds their moral capabilities for their personal development and social progress.
  4. Promoting the Use of Technology: The Bahá’í Academy website provides on-line support to the students. In the recent past on-line courses and modules have also been launched.
  5. Quest for Excellence: Thirst for knowledge and attraction to beauty are among the modules of the Programme. These two moral forces enhance students’ vision for their education and their life and motivate them to achieve excellence.




Education in Universal Human Values is also connected to TEQIP criteria as follows


Institutional Development(funded on competitive basis) will undertake 

––promotion of academic excellence in institutions

––networking for quality enhancement and resource sharing 

––services to community and industry


In this connection academic excellence is enhanced by innovation in participatory teaching in teaching--learning process through systematic training of teachers in cooperative learning strategies and ethical practices.

AND Service to community is improved through „service learning activities‟ that empowers all the stakeholders empowers stakeholders----the teachers, the students, and the beneficiaries ––to participate

Thus they become socially conscious and their joy of service comes from within, not through a transitory motivation.