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Global Unity Campaigners

 Observance of the International Day of Families- 14th May 2021

International Day of Families, which is celebrated on 15th May every year, was observed by Bahai Academy on 14th May 2021. The Pan-India Network of Mentors from across the country and the Global Unity Campaigners attended the program. Director of the Bahai Academy, Lesan Azadi welcomed the guest speakers and the participants. In his address he mentioned about the UN International Day of Families, and the purpose of forming the network of Pan-India Mentors & Global Unity Campaigners.

The first joint activity of The Pan India Mentors Network and the Global Unity Campaigners was the observance of the UN International Day of Families. The participants were invited to carry out activities on 15th May to promote the theme of this Day Families and Technologies as declared by the UNO.

Excerpts from Speech by Prof. Dr. Mrs. Sangeeta  Sawant

Prof. Dr. Sangita Sawant, Director of Bioinformatics Department, Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune, was the first guest speaker. She said this particular event could not have been more significant than the situation we are in today:  a very severe pandemic. In such a situation family has got a central role to play. Family means love, family means bonding, trustworthiness, sense of belonging, and being loyal to each other. These virtues have been traditionally in-built in our Indian society. In the recent era there have been certain changes due to urbanization, industrialization; and there is a transition from the joint family to nuclear families. She congratulated the Bahai Academy for launching the Global Unity Campaigners. She said, we must look at the family concept in much broader sense, which should also include the members of the extended family, our neighbourhood, our community, our society, and in fact we should look at the whole world as our family. Indeed our Indian culture considers whole world as the family Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. In the current time we are facing so many challenges, not only the pandemic but all other challenges, so how to make our planet more livable and more sustainable is what we should think of. We should start working towards a world where we see the whole world as our family and this lovely planet as our home, and how do we make the whole planet to live more enjoyable, more sustainable. Co-existence, symbiosis should be the key words and we should lead the way and set an example to the whole world. We should find out ways as to how to use the new technologies with which we can make our planet home a much better place to live.

Excerpts from Speech by Mr.  Vivek Sawant 

Mr. Vivek Sawant, Former Managing Director, and present Chief Mentor of Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL, Pune) spoke on New Technologies and Families. He discussed in details about the nature of influence the new technologies has had in changing the families and how the contemporary families are affected by the new technologies. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, on one hand large corporates have made their employees work from home and at the same time the migrant workers have gone back to their families. In both the situations the working people have gone back to their families.

Due to the liberalisation, privatization and industrialization, large number of opportunities got created abroad. With the rapid speed of urbanization, the devastation of villages started. Large number of people were displaced and started to live in cities; and they saw opportunities and stayed away from their families, large number of white collared professionals moved to other countries leaving behind their families. This resulted in a kind of growth of individualism, away from the family systems. The rise of personal computers made shift from community computers; and from community telephones to personal smart phones. Due to the tremendous emergence of social media, individuals started remaining in the virtual world. This has shifted the family centric lifestyle to individual centric lifestyle.

Mr. Sawant gave so many illustrations.  For example in the earlier times the postmen, newspapers, magazines, radio, music player, television all created family experiences. Lots of sharing used to happen. Those days the synchronous physical meetings with so much warmth and love were there; today we realise the importance of it.  Asynchronous chat is the impact of technologies on the families. Understanding each other whole heartedly, emotionality, and giving quality time to each other was the order of the day. Sharing and caring, taking presence of each other for granted, sharing of joys and sorrows with family members were very natural. Tremendous amount of communication with warmth, affection and deeper understanding was very natural. The sharing of emotions with family members, working for common tasks, sharing experiences together-- all have changed due to the impact of the smart phones. We all have become Screenagers. Impact of technology has fractured the family structure. So this shows the person’s identity is more important than the family. Family values, norms, cultures are fading away. Emotional connect is being displaced by physical and materialistic world. Home to house is the biggest impact, because of the personalized architecture.

On the other hand there are certain positive impacts also. The new communication technology has paradoxically brought Remote Togetherness. Another positive impact is because of the smartphones, women are enjoying greater freedom, greater access to information and greater privacy. So the decision making power is shifting from men to women and children. So today the family is like a coalition government in the family. The technology has brought biggest psychological impact. There is a shift from A happy family to Persons in a happy family and Happy persons in a family.

Now it is freedom of choice of time to express your emotions. Family members are least aware of what  other members are doing in their smartphones, so there is an opaqueness, lack of transparency. The challenge is how to preserve the unity and integrity of family; how to improve the new meaning of the family. We have to understand that in the Tsunami of Digital Technology, we need to precisely find the basis of family and how to strengthen it. Unless we understand the basis of family, we cannot think of strengthening its fabric. It depends on the pattern of work in the society. When there was agrarian society, they adopted the system called joint family, because many hands were required, so it was a labour centric society. Then it became industrial society, the work shifted from farm to factory, and there was individual role, individual performance, individual excellence, so family shifted from join family to the nuclear family. Nuclear family is also being challenged today, because of the work culture. So it is becoming co-working rather than co-living.  Basis of family is being derived from co-working and co-creating rather than co-living.  Human civilization began with the workplace called forest, from forest to farms, along with fisheries, forces (e.g. Armed Forces), fields, foundries, fairs, firms, factories, fleets, facilities, flats (work from home), and now it is Free lancing. So we can see that co-working is the basis of family and co-living is the result of it. In addition to the emotional connect, there has to be economic aspect.  We observe that in the industrial society where there is no co-working, as compared to the agrarian society; we see many divorces which were not there in agrarian society.

So digital technologies are bringing a very new dimension to families. So many educated families have gone back to their villages. They are globally connected and locally relevant. This pandemic has given a lot of boost to this new types of families, in which there is a lot of sensitivity, a lot of transparency, a lot of sharing and caring, a lot of same sources of happiness and joys and sorrows an also intellectual partnership between husband and wife, that brings the real togetherness.

So technology is also showing a new path for the families of twenty first century, because the basis of family here is co-working and co-creating. Once we understand the DNA of family basis we can create happy families, irrespective of whatever technologies come. Digital technologies will give rise to enduring families which will be cherished structure of the Indian culture. (For the full speeches please visit: )

The addresses were followed by an interesting question and answer session.

Then after participants shared their action plans to commemorate the International Day of Families in their respective institutions and families. Here is a selection of few reports.



Reports of Activities to Observe International Day of Families by Global Unity Campaigners and

Pan India Mentors Network

1.    Name:  Antima Shashikant Rai

College /Institution:  Gurukrupa College of Education and Research

Name of the University:  Mumbai University

State: Maharashtra (India)

Class/Year: B.Ed 2nd year

Title: Enjoy Life Every Moment

Objective:  Spread love to each other

Details: Children, family and neighboring families were the participants. I taught to dance all together. The outcome was increased strength and confidence. My experience was having an extremely enjoyable and happy family environment. I learnt how to keep everyone busy together. Please; everyone stay together and keep strong within you and spread love to all genders.


2.    Name:   Prof. Manisha Bhamre

College /Institution:   Ashoka Business School

Name of the University:   SPPU

State: Maharashtra (India)

Class/Year:  MBA

Title:  Online session for Students

Objective:   Orientation

Details: We celebrated this day at my college. We had an online gathering of students and faculty members. After briefing them about the importance of this day, I invited them to discuss their idea of a family and how they plan to strengthen their bonds, not only with their immediate families but extended ones too. The views and stories my students had to tell were so overwhelming. I felt proud to hear them talk about what they do. The maturity of their thoughts amazed me.

My learning was that students need to express and be talked to on such matters.  If these young minds harbor and nurture such matured thoughts with an in-depth understanding, I do not think we have anything to worry about. They loved the session and even asked for more such sessions. The first step and purpose was achieved.


3.    Name:    Pritikana Chakraborty

College /Institution:    MES Pillai College of Education and Research (PCER)

Name of the University:    Mumbai University

State: Maharashtra (India)

Class/Year:   B.Ed. First Year

Title:   ZOOM Family Party

Objective:    Take out some time to celebrate life with family members, and make them feel whatever challenges may come, never forget to smile. Keep smiling and be happy family

Details: I, my husband and little son, my parents, my siblings and their families, my in-laws and their extended families were the participants. My husband and I together baked a cake and made some chocolates, arranged a ZOOM meeting and asked everyone to join. We spent a wonderful time together and everyone took effort to perform something-- singing, dancing, sharing good thoughts, recitation, and more. The Zoom party was extremely successful as everyone enjoyed it. Some of my family members who were suffering from COVID-19, got a spark of some positive energy. My experience was that though the University exam in on my mind, still I could not resist the longing to arrange this Zoom party to celebrate International Day of Families. In our mechanical life we hardly get quality time to spend with our families. Moreover, this pandemic made us more isolated. So it was a great opportunity to celebrate the Day with my lovely family. I learnt that it did not take much effort to make your family members happy. All they needed was a little time from you and love.

Challenges come and go; one day this pandemic will get over. But your family will remain as it is. Connect them whenever possible, show them respect and love, spend some quality time together. When technology engulfs everyone, use that technology only to get your family stay together and connected. Thank you Bahai Academy for arranging these campaigns and guide us.


4.    Name:     Bhanu Yadav

College /Institution:  Pillai college of education and research. New Panvel   

Name of the University:   Mumbai University

State: Maharashtra (India)

Class/Year:    M. Ed 1st year

Title : Awareness on International Family day

Objective:   To  make aware people about the value of family in our life, To promote cooperation and coordination among all family members, promote love and support   

Details: My family members and my friends were the participants.  I described the importance of family to my friends through zoom meeting and share some experience of webinar conducted by Bahai Academy with them. I approach them to spend some quality time with their families and maintain love, integrity and support and I also share my views with my family members too. Outcome was They enjoyed the video of session which I shared to them and they realized the importance of family more appropriately. It was great experience for me as the session was very valuable for moral and ethics values.  I learnt better about value of family and support, love and compassion, moral and ethical values and being with family is indeed an excellent experience in such a hectic and busy life. Enjoyed the session.


5.    Name: Prof. Sharmila Pathare  

College /Institution: Pillai College of Education & Research, New Panvel   

Name of the University:     Mumbai University

State:  Maharashtra (India)

Class/Year:   SY M.Ed

Title : Reunion Of The Lost World 

Objective:   To connect with classmates and teachers after a gap of 30 years.

Details: My classmates from Batch 1985 and teachers were the participants. We organized a Zoom meeting wherein we could get in touch with about 150 batch mates and about 5 teachers. As it was a long time since we had met, initially we had a round of introduction. This was followed by a small quiz on Technology and Families. The outcome showed that all were happy that technology had brought everyone on the same platform after about 30 years. Everyone voted that technology was useful and if used in right direction it can bring wonders to human kind. My teachers children got in touch with me to appreciate this reunion as it had a positive and a healing impact on their parents. I learnt that we should never forget our sanskar and always help needy person in the family and society.

Activities received on Whatsapp from various Pan India Mentors Group


6.    Prof. Sunita Awadkar, Motiwala College of Educational Sciences, Nasik

College: Motiwala College of Educational Sciences Nashik


On occasion of   The International Day of families my Family started sharing the motivational videos on our Family WhatsApp group. It was decided that every family member will watch the motivational videos which will be shared every day, and on the next day everyone will reflect on it and share their own experiences. 


The videos which were shared on the group were based on the principles of life, required values in life and also about positive thoughts. We started this activity in April. Still it is going on. My daughter, brother and his wife had taken initiative and also they took the efforts for organizing and searching the inspirational videos. All the other family members also took part in the activity. With the discussion every family member shared their experiences about the good things or the change in their life after watching the motivational videos.


Following are their experiences:

1. English communication started improving.

2. Fifteen year old girl from our family shares that she has learned how to overcome unhappiness.

3.  My brother has started waking up early in the morning and he has learned many new principles as well, for example what are the duties of the ideal Learner.

4.  My daughter has shared that she has utilized her free time in a positive way. She has also improved her communication skill.

5   I have also learned many things. Important thing is that we all get the opportunity to connect with each other emotionally. Through one of the inspirational videos I came to know how we can change any worst situation of life with happy and positive thoughts.


On 15th May, i.e. On the International Day of Families, we conducted the activity My life -My Memories. On the same occasion every one of us shared the memories from childhood to the present time. Through discussion many untold stories of our beloved family members were revealed and every one of us came closer to each other. This was the happiest moment of our life where we have experienced the feeling of togetherness.


7.    Name:   Principal  Dr. Shaly Joseph

College /Institution:  Yashwantrao Chavan School of Social Work

Name of the University:     Shaivaji University

State: Maharashtra (India)

Class/Year:   BSW/MSW

Title:   International family day celebration by YCSSW

Objective:   Sensitize the students and faculty about the Importance of family and how we can enrich the family life and thus to have a good society, state, nation and the world.

Details: Participants were 145 students and 18 teaching and non-teaching staff, management representative with the auspicious presence of Azadi sir Director Bahai Academy. A formal program of 2 hours was organized, wherein there were presentation of students and faculty highlighting the importance of family and tips to enrich the family life like playing together, appreciating the strength and potential of family members, helping each other, giving small gifts to family members on occasions, doing the household activities together. One of the faculty members presented a video of how she initiated various activities in her family and extended family to come together and make the moments of family life happier and meaningful. Then the participants were asked to make an action plan to carry out  in their own families. The occasion was graced by the guidance of Azadi sir, Director of Bahai Academy, Panchgani. The outcome was that Participants had introspection and probably 90% of participants implemented their action plans and learnt how to enrich their family life. Positive experiences! Small initiatives bring wonderful results and benefits to many. Doing together and learning together and sharing can bring more wisdom. Grateful to the Bahai Academy for introducing new concepts and ideas which bring more meaningful education to the aspirants.


8.    Name: Founder Director Nadia Moghbelpour

Institution: Blossoms School ( ), Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India

Report of Activities On International Family Day, 15th May 2021

As the lock down situation prevails in the city of Bhubaneswar, physical contact and meetings were not possible. Webinar also could not be organised due to instability in internet due to bad weather.

We thought of another innovative approach, through WhatsApp group. A message was sent

to the teachers group asking them to share their inspirational thoughts about family unity and integrity. 

They were even asked to share their own family photos with beautiful thoughts and captions about

their own family. We allotted them two hours 7 to 9 pm to discuss only on this issue in whatsApp group.

The result was amazing. Everyone was focused and for two hours discussions on WhatsApp went on

related to family. 

  • Some participants posted quotations from Bahai Writings about Home being the center of joy and delight
  • Family is the support you will never have to pay for it. Family will always be there to cheer you up and encourage you.
  • If love and agreement are manifest in a single family, that family will advance, become illumined and spiritual.
  • Family is not an important thing, it is everything
  • My family is my strength and my weakness
  • Family gives us the roots to stand tall and strong. My family is the heart of my home.
  • Family is the best place to make you happy.
  • Let your family members know that they are important parts of your life.
  • Family is the place from where we start our life and we end our life... it will never change at any cost.


The above mentioned are few of the inspirational views that the teachers had written and shared their family photos with lots of interest and involvement. The YouTube link of Bahai Academy of the Webinar on International Family Day was shared with the group and they all appreciated the concepts discussed by Dr. Vivek Sawant and Madam Sawant as well as Dr. Azadi. Few Videos prepared by Bahai Academy on My Family, My Fortress was shared in the group which inspired all the teachers. They have pledged to practice the virtues which they have already learnt, at family level and ensure that their family will be standing out as a Happy Family.




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