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2-Credit Online Course: Welcoming Diversity for Building Society: Skills and Abilities for Appreciation, Association & Active Collaboration (AAA) [ C5 ]

2-Credit Online Course:

Welcoming Diversity for Building Society: Skills and Abilities for Appreciation, Association & Active Collaboration (AAA)

This unique course is being offered to the freshers of the University affiliated Colleges through collaboration between Shivaji University, Kolhapur (NAAC A++ Grade with CGPA 3.52) and the Bahai  Academy, Panchgani (A Recognized Institution of Shivaji University, Kolhapur).

You have now entered your higher education; it is not just about earning a degree rather it is about preparation for life and learning to recognize and appreciate diversity, build friendship, and collaborate with people around you for your happiness and the happiness of your fellow citizens. This Course fosters a welcoming attitude towards diversity and inclusivity.  When we interact with people from diverse backgrounds, we learn different perspectives and our worldview expands. This is what today world needs. The Course provides us with practical approaches to identifying commonalities in people around us and strengthens our capabilities to promote unity and harmony in our personal, social and professional life and contribute to building a better society. 

The lessons, or what we call themes, begin with interesting stories. They are interactive, with a lot of learning activities, skills and abilities, videos to watch, games, and opportunities to develop and present your talents and creativity. The skills and abilities you are going to learn here are the 21st Century skills that will help you as students, as future professionals and as responsible citizens imbued with a great sense of mission for your own growth and to make a better society. 

So dear friends! let us create a Unity in Diversity movement by developing skills and attitudes, by acquiring knowledge and information, by practicing our distinctive virtues and by taking small steps to welcome diversity into our lives with open arms and joyful hearts.    

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Study materials are available on the Course Learning Management System.

2 Credits (30 Hours)

Objectives: After completing this part you will be able to: 

  • Recognize the commonalities in your surrounding instead of differences 
  • Explain the role of constitutional values that bind us together
  • Identify the nature of man and the two-fold purpose of life  
  • Discover our common future based on unity in diversity
  • Practice the attitudes of acceptance, appreciation, and gratitude 
  • Demonstrate your willpower to promote unity
  • Practice the skill of discerning truth to welcome diversity
  • Introspect and visualize your role as a promoter of unity
  • Describe the types of diversity in India and its beauty
  • Develop the attitude of tolerance, open-mindedness, and sensitivity towards others
  • Promote unity in diversity for building society 



  1. Our Commonalities 
  2. Our Constitutional Values that Bind us Together as One People, 
  3. Our Identity and Nature of Man 
  4. Our Two-Fold Purpose
  5. Shaping Together Our Common Future Based on Unity in Diversity
  6. Accept, Appreciate and Be Grateful
  7. Willpower
  8. Truth and Investigation of Truth
  9. Introspection and Visualization 
  10. Diversity in India
  11. Tolerance
  12. Appreciating Beauty in Diversity


Course Type : Online
Duration : To be announced
Fee : To be announced
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