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को ऑपरेटीव लर्निंग


Group size: 4 students


  1. Teacher asks a question or gives a topic.
  2. Students take turns giving answers in their group.

In Roundrobin the teacher asks a question that has many possible answers or a list of answers. Then the students take turns speaking to their group, giving one answer each and around and around until they run out of answers. Have one faster learner, two middle learners, and one slower learner in each group, and mix them socially. The faster one can help the others, and most often the members of the team will become better friends.

The first student speaks while the others listen. Then, always going to the left, the other students speak in turn. There is no discussion. They keep speaking like this, usually more than one complete time around. Demonstrate this with some bright students so the whole class understands.

Roundrobin is used in many subjects in schools as a Lists Structure.