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Community Circle

Group Size: Whole class, or part of the class (with very large classes)


  1. Students sit in a large circle
  2. One by one, each student gets a chance to speak.  Everyone listens.

Seat the students in a large circle facing the middle.  Sit in the circle with them.  Explain the rules for this structure:  Let one student in the circle speak, then the next student on the left speaks and so on until everyone has spoken (Everyone Participates).  Everyone speaks nicely. (Happy Talk).  Everyone listens carefully (Active Listening).

With large classes (such as over 25 students) it might be necessary to have two groups for Community Circle, or one part of the class has some other quiet activity while the other part are in Community Circle.

(Community Circle is a Lists Structure that can also be used as a High Consensus Structure and a Thinking Skills Structure.)