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National Conference on Value Education through ODL (Open and Distance Learning) Feb.2020


National Conference on

Value Education through ODL

A Collaborative Undertaking of

Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University’s School of Edu., and the Bahá’í Academy

Venue: Bahá’í Academy, Shivajinagar, Panchgani-41805, Dist. Satara, Maharashtra

 29 Feb. -1 March 2020

 Theme of the National Conference: “Value Education through Open and Distance Learning (ODL)”

Sub. Themes:

  1. Need for offering Value Education through ODL
  2. A Study of the existing Value Education programmes offered through ODL
  3. Challenges of offering Value Education programmes through ODL
  4. Opportunities and future prospects
  5. Impact of Value Education and ethical training
  6. Policies and practices pertaining to Value and Ethical Education
  7. A comparison of the objectives of open universities in relation to Value Education
  8. Practical issues related to policy matters pertaining to implementing Value Education  
  9. Most widespread moral/ ethical issues in institutions of open and distance learning and the manner in which they are being/have been handled/neglected.
    1. From students’ perspective
    2. From teachers’ perspective
    3. From employees perspective
    4. From the perspective of the management
    5. From the perspective of the students’ families and communities

The papers may include:

  1. Case studies        2. Comparative Studies        3. Prevailing issues  



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