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National Conference on Value Education through ODL (Open and Distance Learning) Feb.2020


National Conference on

Value Education through ODL

A Collaborative Undertaking of

Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University’s School of Edu., and the Bahá’í Academy

Venue: Bahá’í Academy, Shivajinagar, Panchgani-41805, Dist. Satara, Maharashtra

 29 Feb. -1 March 2020



Open and Distance Learning offers great potentiality to reach out to millions of youth and others who remain out of reach of conventional higher education every year.  It provides the opportunity to them to pursue the course of their choice in a flexible manner while meeting their other responsibilities towards their work, family, or additional academic commitments. Learners set their own pace of study, and schedule to complete their education, achieve their academic goals more economically, and establish a wider network with their co-learners.

he  needs  of  higher  education  cannot  be  met  by  the  Government  alone.  It  needs  the participation  of  the  Government,  the  private  providers  and  perhaps  selectively  participation  of foreign  universities.  We  have  to  free  ourselves  from  the  mindset  and take  a  realistic  attitude, taking into  consideration the  fact  that a  major revolution  is  taking place  in higher education  in the world. We have to take certain steps for improvement of our higher education system.

The Universities Acts have underscored the need for education in values and ethics, as well as promoting practices based on human values. Among the values are promoting fearless academic community, freedom, secularism, equality and social justice as enshrined in the Constitution of India basic attitudes and values of essence to national development, social harmony, co-existence, integral humanism, national integration and preserving cultural heritage, gender equality and sensitivity, dignity of labour, developing work culture encouraging individuality and diversity, tolerance and mutual understanding, generating self-respect and dignity. They also emphasize that learning should go beyond bookish knowledge, and include real-life application of the content of education. It’s therefore an opportune time to draw our attention on this vital aspect of higher education.  The Conference will provide insights about the need for promoting value education and ethics as an interdisciplinary subject in all faculties and schools of open and distance learning universities and institutions.    

About Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University

YCMOU, established in July 1989, is the fifth Open University in India. Recognised under section 12 (B) of the University Grants Commission Act, 1956, it is a member of Association of Indian UniversitiesAssociation of Commonwealth UniversitiesAsian Association of Open Universities, and Commonwealth of Learning, Canada. YCMOU is the first university in India to receive the Excellence Award of the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) twice for overall performance amongst the Commonwealth Countries.                                                 . ( - cite_note-1) The University offers over 1000 courses through Distance Mode and online initiatives. The YCMOU situated in Nashik, has its Study Centres all over Maharashtra to support its learners who come from all walks and life, and indeed reaches out to the unreached.

The university awards academic certifications such as certificates, diplomas, graduate degrees, post-graduate degrees, and Ph.D.s.

About the Bahá’í Academy

The Bahá'í Academy (established in 1982), a Recognized Institution of Shivaji University, is an educational institution engaged in research and action in the field of value education for institutions of higher learning. The Academy is also an approved Study Centre of Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University for Value Education: Fundamentals. The Academy offers a collaborative programme on Education in Universal Human Values comprising a number of university approved courses and international developed module to the interested Institutions of Higher Learning. The objective of this programme is to build moral capabilities in the youth and develop their skills, noble qualities, healthy attitudes and a strong sense of purpose, enhance their personal development and contribute to social progress. Since year 2004, the Academy and Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University have been collaborating in offering various modules and courses on value education to thousands of students and counsellors across Maharashtra.  Both the Institutions are also among the founding members of the Indian Consortium for Educational Transformation (I-Consent), developing and offering innovative courses such as e-B.Ed. and Post Graduate Diploma in E-Education for Digital Society.

Theme of the National Conference: “Value Education through Open and Distance Learning (ODL)”

Sub. Themes:

  1. Need for offering Value Education through ODL
  2. A Study of the existing Value Education programmes offered through ODL
  3. Challenges of offering Value Education programmes through ODL
  4. Opportunities and future prospects
  5. Impact of Value Education and ethical training
  6. Policies and practices pertaining to Value and Ethical Education
  7. A comparison of the objectives of open universities in relation to Value Education
  8. Practical issues related to policy matters pertaining to implementing Value Education  
  9. Most widespread moral/ ethical issues in institutions of open and distance learning and the manner in which they are being/have been handled/neglected.
    1. From students’ perspective
    2. From teachers’ perspective
    3. From employees perspective
    4. From the perspective of the management
    5. From the perspective of the students’ families and communities

The papers may include:

  1. Case studies        2. Comparative Studies        3. Prevailing issues  

Conference Date & Venue:

29 Feb. to 1 March 2020 at the Bahá’í Academy, Panchgani

The Academy campus is well equipped with all amenities to hold conferences, courses, training workshops, seminars, and other events. An uplifting multi-media Conference Hall with delightful beauty of the mountain peaks at its backdrop, a rich library and research room, dormitories that can accommodate 60 guests, guest rooms and a guest apartment, catering facilities and dining hall, a devotion chamber, indoor and outdoor recreation and telecommunication services are among the facilities at the Academy. The Academy Campus is situated at Shivaji Nagar, Panchgani, a peaceful hill resort of the Western Ghats, about 4300 feet above mean sea level, about 100 Kilometers south of Pune, in the State of Maharashtra. Its ‘Permanent Seat’ overlooks a scenic valley and mountain range with farm land terraces. It is surrounded by trees and gardens that are favourite of the visiting peacocks, migratory birds of different species, rabbits, at times deers and other faunae. The Campus is close to the spots that are frequently visited by the tourist – the Table Land, Parsi Point, Sidney Point, and a few kilometers from Rajpure Caves.

Conference Souvenir:

Research-based papers presented at the Conference will be published (in Digital and print formats) in the Conference Souvenir with ISSN Number and disseminated among various Open Universities.

Awarding Certificates:

Certificates will be awarded by the organizing institutions to the participants who attend all the sessions of the Conference.


Directors, Counsellors and Study Centre Coordinators from various universities / university departments that offer courses and programmes through Open and Distance Learning Mode from across the Country. A few P.G./M.Phil/Ph.D. students  can also apply.

Registration Process:

Register online through                  

Conference Fee:

Paper presenters and participants: Rs. 2500/- that includes Conference kit, food and stay at Deluxe Dormitories

P.G./M.Phil./Ph.D. students: Rs. 1500/-

Note: Interested participants can opt to stay at double/triple occupancy rooms by paying an additional charge, subject to availability of rooms.

Applications should be accompanied by Payment details through Bank Transfer/RTGS:

Account Name: Y.C.M. Open University,

Account No. CD 1323004456,

Bank: Central Bank of India, IFSC Code: CBIN0284246

Branch: YCMOU Branch,    City: Nashik   

Important Dates:

  • Conference dates: 29 February- 1 March  2020 
  • Submission of Abstracts:  20 Jan. 2020 (in 300 words)
  • Last date for submission of the complete papers: 15  Feb. 2020

Format of the Papers:

Full papers should be within 2500 to 3000 words, excluding the bibliography. Fonts: Times New Roman, Title: 16 font size, sub-titles 14 font size the body 12 font size, line spacing 1.5. Electronic copy (in M.S. Word) of the paper should be sent to the Conference Coordinator and two hard copies should be submitted on A4 size paper. For more guidelines on the format of your paper please visit the Bahá’í Academy website: (Guidelines on National Conference Paper Writing)

Please note - Papers in Marathi/Hindi language should be typed in 'Shree Lipi' font.

Submission of Abstracts:

Interested candidates should submit the abstracts of their papers in 300 words latest by 20 Jan. 2020.   (The abstracts should be in about 300 words.) However the interested candidates are advised to rush their abstracts at their earliest because when the required numbers of abstracts are approved, it’s likely that the remaining abstracts will not be accepted.

How to reach Panchgani:

  1. Panchgani is 256km from Mumbai CST. It is 4.49 hour journey  by car via Mumbai-Pune Express Highway and NH4.
  2. It is 259km via NH66.  A 5.46 hour journey by car.
  3. Panchgani is 122km from Pune Airport. It is 2.30 hour journey by car via NH4.
  4. It is 106 km from Pune Railway-Station via NH4 and is 2.30 hour journey by car.

Correspondence Address:

Coordinator, National Conference

Bahá’í Academy, Shivajinagar, Panchgani-412805, Dt. Satara, Maharashtra


Contact No. : +91 2168 240100 AND  +91 2168 240461

Mobile (Conference Helpline):  93707 05493


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